Wine and Dine with a Master of Wine

One of the great denominators in life is most arguably food and wine. And what better way to celebrate life than by getting together with great company and enjoying the sparkles of Champaign next to sparkling conversations? Today we had it all:

We embarked on a journey of delight with Paul Liversedge, the second Master of Wine for Switzerland (out of approximately 350 world wide). Paul challenged our senses and pleased our gums with a great selection of European classic wines. From Champaign, Riesling and Burgundy we enjoyed Barolo, Rioja and Bordeaux as well as red gold from the Rhone and Port from Portugal. 22 guests - Simonites alumni with family and friends spent a wonderful evening together. The wine cellar of The Carlton in Zürich provided us with a delightful ambience where old friendships were celebrated while new ones got established.
Do you like to enjoy these exclusive kinds of events? Don't miss out on our next ones - we are sure you are going to have as much fun as we had tonight.
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Best regards and wishes,
Fabienne Fleury, Marc Heggemann, Marc-André Schauwecker and Caspar Ruetz
Simonites – The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association