We take care of your data

Dear fellow Simonites

Those of you who had the chance and the pleasure to spend the evening of the 25th in Bern with us at the ROBE Midsummernight's Fair are aware of it: When the ROBE family meets, time is flying, conversations sparkle and networking and friendship is vividly alive.
That is the spirit, we are actively keeping up to fuel all our efforts and actions within the Simonites - Rochester-Bern Alumni organisation: From personal contact to the nitty-gritty of protecting your data.
And while we were enjoying a wonderful evening, the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) got active on May 25th 2018.
Due to that reason, we updated our data privacy statement for our organisation, aiming for full transparency especially about the cases where we pass your data on to third parties such as for example:
  • The Rochester-Bern Executive Programs (for event-invitations etc.)
  • The University of Berne (for those of you enjoying the complementary membership there by the courtesy of the Simonites
  • SAMBAplus (for those of you who signed up for the Joint Membership plan)
  • Other operational third parties such as e.g. ur payment providers (for those of you, who chose to pay fees by credit card) or others who act on our behalf or provide services for you and us.
In general we exchange only the bare minimum on what is needed for a specific transaction (e.g. for SAMBAplus we provide your firstname, family name and e-mail address).
We invite you to take that chance to check which data you keep stored about yourself on our Simonites platform and update it if necessary.
In case you have questions regarding your data with us, please feel free to get in touch with any member of the Simonites board.
Fabian Ringwald
President of the Simonites - Rochester-Bern Alumni Association