The Future of Switzerland

Dr. Peter Grünenfelder, CEO Avenier Suisse, took on the challenge to debate in an interactive and innovative format, interacting with about 40 brains from SAMBA, Beta Gamma Sigma and Rochester-Bern alumni and guests..10 proactive hypotheses – 10 concise answers – moderated by communication specialist Bernhard Weissberg.

“True or false…?” Wow, that’s brave to just answer in brief. Switzerland first, need for minimum wages or immigration contributes to our prosperity. Along these lines, exciting discussions were initiated – not to say ignited. To calm the waves, Peter provided facts to substantiate the true of false. In times of “alternative facts” when emotions may count more than reality, these real facts were much appreciated by the audience. In conclusion allow me a personal note:

Globalization is happening, facts show protectionism lead into deadlocks for basically everybody and it is rather an open and fair “give and take” mindset required. We all better take decisions building on real facts for the good of all – including the future of Switzerland.

This extraordinary event was held at the Savoy Baur en Ville starting with a cocktail reception sponsored by Bank Vontobel. We would like to express our special thanks for this support. Concluded was the evening with an excellent dinner accompanied by informal but high-level networking. I venture to suggest, a night in Zurich created lasting memories for those who joined.

Marc Heggemann, Simonites Events, Member of the Board