Simonites web portal

We made it and you are already surfing it: Our new Simonites web portal is online at It comes with a few significant advantages:

  • Hosting in Switzerland and GDPR compliant.
  • Data parsimony and Data Avoidance: Out of principle, the Simonites do keep only very little data about you, as long as you do not extend it by yourself (where possible).
  • Flexibility: The new system allows us to extend certain features and adjust the look and feel with little support from available, freelance experts. We avoid a vendor lock-in.
  • Payment: Our new payment provider allows for subscriptions. That makes the payment of your annual fees so much easier, as long as you choose to pay by credit card.

And last but not least, we hope you enjoy the fresh look and feel.

What is left to do for you: We migrated parts of your user accounts. For security reasons we were unable to migrate your passwords. Feel free to order a new password by using this link and providing us with your (registered) email address. In case your account does not exists, either register by yourself or get in touch with us at

We hope to see you soon in the digital space,
Dominik & Fabian

PS Our short HowTo is linked here