Simonites Benefits

Your Simonites membership benefits you in many ways when looking for networking, career and mentoring advice or simply for staying in touch with your class mates. On top, we are offering you an ever growing range of more tangible benefits. One that we like to point out to you in particular comes as part of the AlumniBE package, included in your regular Simonites membership:

Access to the Neptun program

If you are looking to buy a new notebook or Software from Apple, HP, Lenovo or Microsoft, take a look at the project site and make your pick: Twice a year, you are benefiting from special offers and rebates on the latest models.

The current wave runs from February 11 to March 11 - so hurry up as you might need to renew your Login to the recently modernized and updated AlumniBE-Plattform first... another great source for many benefits, starting from Cinema-Tickets all the way up to fleet rebates from certain car manufacturers.