Message from the President

Dear fellow alumni,


Since the beginning of this year, I am having the pleasure of serving as the president of our esteemed alumni organisation. With the start of my term, the board faced several changes - we welcomed new members and others left the board after years of highly engaged and committed services. Let me take this opportunity to share a few thoughts on these initial months with you.

Whenever I am starting something new, I am amazed by how quickly a collection of like-minded yet very different individuals are forming into an effective and highly efficient team. And while the challenges in front of us seemed to be endless, time flies by and before I could imagine it, a significant portion of this year and hence my term lies already behind me. And with it, we collected some memorable moments with many of you.

In case you missed these truly unique events, we are looking forward to welcoming you for our upcoming events in June:

Our events team is on fire - to provide you with experiences beyond your expectations. Do not miss out on them... and sign up here:

But it is not all glamour and events: Behind the scenes we are working hard to provide you with a brand new web-platform, allowing us to further minimise our administrative efforts and increase usability for alumni. In case you want an early glimpse behind the scenes - please get in touch with us: We are looking for early birds who are willing to support us by testing the platform.

And like other organisations, we as well were a bit caught by surprise by the extent of the GDPR rules. While we since always have the privacy of your data at our upmost thinking, we updated our privacy policy in order to be even more transparent for all of you (separate e-mail follows).

Looking forward into the next months, I am convinced that the board will continue to act as servant leaders for all our alumni and that we all can be curiously intrigued by what events and networking opportunities are ahead of us.

After all, it is like Helen Keller, American author and activist (1880-1968) once stated:

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much 

In this spirit I am looking forward to shaking hands, exchanging thoughts and enjoying good times with all of you in the upcoming months.

Yours sincerely

President of Simonites - The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association