Our membership plans are going to excite you. On top of our successful memberships, we added a layer of convenience by offering you all membership plans as recurring subscriptions.  No hassle, no worries towards the end of the year - your membership with Simonites stays current and will renew itself automatically on an annual basis.

As far as you are eligible, all that is left for you is to pick the membership plan that suits you best:

Simonites Membership (CHF 100)

Our basic plan: With the Simonites Membership you are eligible to participate in Simonites events (extra charge may apply) and get full access to our website.

Platinum Membership (CHF 500)

Our premium, most exclusive plan: The Platinum Membership includes the Joint Membership and hence the SAMBA Basic Membership as well. In addition, you are eligible to participate in Simonites  alumni events (additional cost may occur) and get full access to our website as well as an annual exclusive platinum dinner with a special speaker (no additional cost).