Silicon Valley

Explorer Circle: TIDE

24 - 28Aug2020
Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley visit with Rochester-Bern alumni

Venue: Silicon Valley, U.S.

Participation fee: CHF 4000

Organiser: Explorer Circle, Nadine Heuberger /


  • Collaboration partners: Mark Zawacki (Senior advisor to large global organizations on strategy, growth, innovation and organizational change) and Swiss Campus advised by Alex Fries (Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, corporate developer. Board member, keynote speaker).
  • Topics: The Silicon Valley in Southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, is well known for being a highly competitive software-driven environment with a strong emphasis on customer orientation and a clear focus on solving existing problems. As such, it has been the epicenter for tech start-ups, innovative thinking, and hopeful entrepreneurs for decades. But what makes the Bay Area continue its upward spiral? Depending on participant preferences, we may touch on following topics: AI, ML, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain, cybersecurity, smart cities, industry 4.0, fin/health/insurtech, corporate innovation and more. Share your interests to have them covered during this tailor-made week.
  • Pricing: CHF 4'000 per person for a minimum of 10 participants (including five days filled with company visits and expert exchanges with lunches, five nights accommodation with breakfast and one group dinner), fee will be reduced for bigger groups. Check out a participant blog entry from this year: Silicon Valley participant experience.
  • Program: To get access to this year’s schedule and hear about planned company visits and speakers for 2020, simply contact Nadine Heuberger (


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