2 in 1 – Sports Management

Simonites events are different - and we are happy to surprise you in the most positive ways. We therefore present you with highly interesting peaks behind the curtains of well known businesses, concepts and institutions.
Last week - Our “2 in 1” special – lots of highlights at the same time – was due – in co-operation with BGS...! It covered a speech and an open discussion in a small circle – under the theme of “Sports Management” and the focus of the challenges to run a sports club in Switzerland.
The topic was not only an unusual one, our guests proved to be active and highly involved - fuled by soccer emotions and a winning attitude. One of our esteemed guests brought it to the point:
“Una noche especial e íntima charlando con Armin Thalmann. Descubrir el mundo del futbol desde el punto de vista empresarial fue fascinante. Un negocio que despierta pasiones de los “consumidores” y es muy redituable para los “accionistas” no se encuentra fácilmente. Disfrute muchísimo la cena (la comida fue deliciosa!), la compañía y las discusiones sobre el tema fútbol.”
(Gabriela Bezzola, Project Management Leader, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products)
Another was delighted as well:
“The 2 in 1 Dinner with Armin Thalmann, Member of the Board FC Thun, was far more interesting than I expected. Armin gave us not just a very interesting insight in the organization of FC Thun and other Top Swiss football clubs, he also explained in detail how the international collaboration and transfer business works as well as how football connects to other industries to prepare for the future. Besides this Armin is a very fun and open minded guy. Great Evening!”
(Thomas Dobler, Leiter Verkauf und Marketing Supeabeam (Schweiz) AG
Reading the two above mentioned comments, I am sure that you will join one of our next events. We are looking forward to welcoming you!
Best regards and wishes from the event team,
Fabienne Fleury,
Marc Heggemann,
Marc-André Schauwecker
Caspar Ruetz